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Could This Super-Charged Polyphenol Apple Powder

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Old Timers Use To Say "An Apple A Day... Keeps The Doctor Away" Was That Really Just A Myth?

Announcing: A Long Forgotten

Yet Remarkably Effective Heavy-Metal Detox Solution And Radio-Protective Shield

For An Increasingly Dangerous World

Dear Friend,

If you are interested in protecting your self from the combination of heavy metals and acute radiation syndrome, this may be the most important article you'll read in 2024. 

Here's why?

Many people today understand the threat of heavy metal accumulation in their bodies. Even mainline media reports this. Many also are beginning to understand the effects of radiation in various forms on human physiology. (This is not well reported at this time)

But only recently is it becoming more clear as to what happens when radiation passes through the human body and then "interacts" with accumulated heavy metals present. It would appear from current research that radiation from both ionizing as well as non-ionizing forms "heats up" these metals when present in the body... creating a kind of deadly synergy. Remember too... cell phones emit radiation. Very important.

The Dangerous And Deadly Heavy Metals

There are many heavy metals we need to worry about.

The truth is, heavy metal contamination presents a common threat to all living, biological things.


Unfortunately, when we get them in our bodies they can become in effect “trapped” accumulate and ultimately wreak havoc on our biological functions and biochemical processes. They are daily ingested through constant exposure to contaminated soil and therefore our food and water. Perhaps just as dangerous is the fact the air we breathe is full of these metals in micro-form.

Heavy metals accelerate aging and suppress the immune system. Many believe our toxic heavy metal load is directly responsible for certain types of depression as well as autism and Alzheimer’s just to name a few.

Heavy metal toxicity can result in lower energy levels, damage to blood composition, lungs, kidneys, liver, and other vital organs as well as reduced mental function…damaged to central nervous system. Heavy metals can even adversely effect lungs, liver, kidney and other vital organs.

There are patents for the use of graphene oxide designed to improved the cumbustion of jet fuel. This may explain why chemtrails don't evaporate like water vapor.

Some researchers believe that heavy metals contribute to production of beta-amyloid proteins which disrupt nerve cells function in Alzheimer's patients

A Few "Killer" Heavy Metals

We All Need To Be Aware Of


Aluminum not considered a true heavy metal, but since accumulation occurs from many sources, it's worthy of note.

Antacids, nasal sprays, deodorants and other food additives makes it worth consideration and elimination.

Don’t forget, we take in a lot of aluminum from aluminum cookware, aluminum foil, car exhaust, tobacco products and even fireworks! Not to mention drinking water.


Arsenic is another common cause of acute heavy metal accumulation in adults. Arsenic is a by-product of glass as well as the smelting process of lead, copper and zinc. Arsenic sources also include paints, pesticides and many wood preservatives.  Worse yet is arsenic in our water supplies (worldwide) which especially seem to accumulate in shellfish and many other fish species. Arsenic really doesn’t break down naturally, instead changes forms over time. Arsenic in the lungs can come from breathing contaminated air and smoking cigarettes. Parts of the body likely to accumulate arsenic include the digestive system, kidneys, central nerves system and blood.


Cadmium like arsenic is a by-product of the smelting and mining industry, usually the mining and processing of zinc and lead. Many big farm fertilizers contain cadmium and runoff is an issue with respect to the soil and also the water supply. Nickel-cadmium batteries are an obvious source. But you can find cadmium in PVC plastics, many paint pigments, motor oils and insecticides. Tobacco smoke contains cadmium too. Again, shellfish seem to be a kind magnet for cadmium. Areas of the body cadmium likes to accumulate in include brain tissue, liver kidneys and bones.


When it comes to heavy metal poisoning in children, lead accounts for most cases. Most homes built before World War 2 were painted with lead paint. As time passed, lead based paints began to chalk and flake creating a lot lead dust which kids (and adults) were exposed to through contact with skin and inhaling the dust particles. Today, the lead industry generates almost 3 million tons of leads which are used to produce solder, fuel additives, pesticides, ammunition and of course the big one…lead-acid batteries. Body parts sensitive to lead include the thyroid, brain tissue, bold and bones


Mining operations and processing are big mercury producers. So is the paper industry. Mercury accumulates in aquatic food chains and so fish in many lakes and streams become a source for mercury. That said, many algaecides use mercury. Thermometers and thermostats are still made using mercury. Many researches point out that dental amalgams may be a source of mercury toxicity. Childhood vaccines also contain mercury as an adjuvant. Most mercury that enters our bodies is absorbed in the gastrointestinal tract, ultimately affecting the kidneys and brain.

Most exposure from the above mentioned heavy metals comes from long term exposure. That makes perfect sense as we discuss the concept of accumulation in key organs. Of course you can also get a sudden dose from an “accident” being in the wrong place at the wrong time. Either way heavy metal toxicity (if untreated) will result in severely reduced quality of life…. Perhaps even death. Fortunately, there are a few surprising detox chelators that may be helpful for those of use who are exposed to widespread contamination. 

But there are now other substances... functionalized with various "metals" that may be even more dangerous... these are the new functionalized metal nanoparticles. One of the most prevalent is...

"Functionalized" Reduced Graphene Oxide!

Several mechanisms underlying graphene oxide nano-material's toxicity have been studied. For instance, actual physical destruction, oxidative stress, DNA damage, inflammatory response, apoptosis, autophagy, and necrosis. Many experiments have shown that graphene oxide nano-materials have toxic side effects in many biological applications, but more in-depth study of toxicity mechanisms is needed. According to the FDA, graphene, graphene oxide, and reduced graphene oxide elicit toxic effects both in vitro and in vivo. (Graphene nano-materials are not approved by the USA FDA for human consumption.)

Now that we've visited the dangerous heavy metals and substances like graphene oxide... the big health issue becomes... what happens when heavy metals and substances like functionalized graphene oxide are exposed to different forms of radiation. Please continue reading as this is where the rubber meets the road...

Sources Of Ionizing Radioactivity

Nuclear Medicine

Iodine-131, Yttrium-90 and Cobalt-60 are a just a few examples of radioactive particles used in nuclear medicine. These radioactive particles are used for both diagnostic as well as treatment protocols. By the way, Cobalt-60 is used as a radiation source for medical radiotherapy and has a half-life of over 5 years.

Building Materials

Many building materials contain levels of radioactive material. Building materials that are made up of sandstone, concrete, brick, natural stone, gypsum, or granite are most likely to emit low levels of radiation.

Radioactive materials in sandstone, concrete, brick, natural stone, gypsum, and granite contain naturally-occurring radioactive elements like radium, uranium, and thorium.

Radon Gas

Many building materials breakdown and decay over time. This creates radioactive radon gas that gets into home environments. Further, cracks in foundations also allow natural radon into homes. It is estimated that 1 in 15 family houses have relatively high radon levels. Radon causes over 21,000 lung cancer deaths alone and many medical researchers believe that leukemia could be caused by radon gas.

Nuclear Power Stations

The truth is, if you live within 75-125 miles of a nuclear power plant you are exposed to higher than normal levels of radiation and so are at a higher risk. This is the result of continuous “leaching” radioactive materials into the environment.

Nuclear Testings And "Accidents"

The average American may be surprised at the amount of nuclear testing that goes on behind the scenes. Could it also be that accidents involving high amounts of radioactivity are not always reported honestly by governments and mainline media?

Smoking Tobacco Products

Alpha particles released from polonium-210 as well as lead-210 are both radioactive and are inhaled along with cigarette smoke. These are indeed “low level,” but radiation has an accumulation effect on the body. This makes the alpha particles dangerous despite the fact that they are taken in small doses over time.

Sources Of Non-Ionizing Radiation

High Voltage Power Lines

High voltage power lines emit a type of low frequency non-ionizing radiation. Electric fields are produced by electric charges, and magnetic fields are produced by the flow of electrical current through wires or electrical devices. Because of this, low frequency EMR is found in close proximity to electrical sources such as power lines. As current moves through a power line, it creates a magnetic field called an electromagnetic field.

Microwave Cooking And Heating

While microwave ovens do not make your food or water radioactive... many tend to leak and expose you and your family to non-ionizing radiation. I've tested more than a few and found that the closer you are to the microwave during operation, the higher the the exposure. I have to stand back 10 feet from ours in the kitchen to be at safe levels.

Cell Phone Radiation

Over 2,000 papers and letters have been published in professional journals by over 250 scientists on the dangerous health effects of non-ionizing electromagnetic fields produced by cell phones and other wireless devices. These scientists have signed the International EMF Scientist Appeal which calls for health warnings and more limited exposure to these signals.

Smart Meter Radiation

Smart and digital meters create pulsed RF emissions and these emissions, from the smart meters’ antennas and the RF created by the smart meters, both enter the house’s electric system. The result is that your entire house is transformed into a radiating RF antenna. Among the effects are increased cancer risks along with other health issues.

Cell Tower Radiation

The remarkable truth is that humans today are exposed to 100 million times more electromagnetic radiation than our grandparents were. A large part of that reason is microwave antennas and cell towers. High frequency radio waves (microwaves) are emitted by these towers which can affect people as well as animals for up to 50 miles. The danger becomes greater the closer to the tower you are.

Home And Office WiFi Radiation

Wi-Fi devices operate at radio-frequencies that are similar to cell phones (typically 2.4 to 2.5 GHz) although in recent years Wi-Fi devices that operate at somewhat higher frequencies (5, 5.3, or 5.8 GHz) have become almost exclusively used. Radio-frequency radiation exposure from Wi-Fi devices is somewhat lower than that from cell phones. However, WiFi device radiation does add to the cumulative effects from non-ionizing radiation on the human body.

Radiation Is "Caught" And Heated Up

By Nano-Particle Networks 

Studies show that graphene oxide is especially toxic to the human body. When it's in the body and in contact with living cells it has an exponentially magnetic behavior. (This is measurable with electromagnetic measuring devices.) So what graphene seems to do is actually boost the intensity of routers and cell phones in gigahertz and transfers the signals to terahertz. This enhances radiation damage which creates clotting and other thrombotic issues. 

Functionalized graphene is also a super-conductor as well as an energy capacitor. Most folks have heard of graphene batteries. It will store the energy it receives from it's environment and then can discharge it. (especially from cell phones - it can receive that energy and has the capacity to discharge it)

Further, graphene is radiation-dependent. That is, it will absorb microwave radiation and it will multiply both its frequency and its damage. As soon as it enters the body it emits free radicals. This causes inflammation and the well know cytokine storm.

Unfortunately, there are no rules with respect to radiation emitted from cell towers, cell phones and routers. This means with respect to radiation... we are in the wild west. The figures are astounding. They far exceed safe numbers.

In fact, "volts per meter" radiation numbers are easily from 100 to 200 times safe levels. 

Why 4G And 5G Are Different And Dangerous

Now, it's important to understand just how powerful new waves like 4 and 5G are. The ambient electricity is through the roof!

In fact, the magnitude has been raised so high there is no comparison to what mankind has lived with in the past.  

This is a radically new and very artificial "alteration" of the environment using microwaves. Millions upon millions of antennas are now installed... all over the world and therefore an exponentially higher number of volts per meter of radiation that you and all living things now have to live, move and have your being so to speak.  

5G for example, is a scaler... a beam aimed at the cell phone user that is always emitting in directional gradient format. There is a current always going through you. The scaler beam also has the character of an electromagnetic pulse. All this means we are receiving radiation doses far beyond what the body can deal with. Radiation causes damage because our tissues absorb the radiation which can produce flu-like symptoms because it accumulates over time. 

Add the graphene which converts gigahertz to terahertz and you realize...


They've Turned The Entire World Into

A Kind Of Electromagnetic Soup!

"And there's almost no place on the entire planet that is now safe"

What Can We Do About All This?


A long forgotten... but newly discovered solution is apple pectin. Its been used against lead, mercury, cadmium and arsenic as a chelator.

But here’s the important thing: these heavy metals are harmful enough as individual toxins… that should be obvious... but when heavy metal toxins are combined together in the body it creates the potential for what could be called an extremely dangerous toxic synergy.

Further, when biologically “unfriendly” frequencies are added to the mix… it literally becomes a hellhole of heavy metal contamination amplified by various forms of radiation creating an invisible but deadly “toxic soup.” Thus, it becomes important then to remove the metals and reduce the bodies susceptibilities to harmful frequencies.

The good news is...

Apple Pectin Is A

 Polyphenol Powerhouse!

Apple pectin powder has an interesting and highly efficacious potential for solving these problems without side effects. Even more interesting is how fast apple pectin sometimes works.

Apple Pectin Powder is obtained from cultivated apples and manufactured with an emphasis towards preserving as much of the nutritional phyto-chemicals of apples as possible.

Apples are a rich source of phyto-chemicals and pectin fiber. Apples also contain high levels of important flavonoids and polyphenols which are recognized for their antioxidant and anti-inflammatory activities.

Studies using animal models have suggested a synergistic interaction between polyphenols the apple itself and pectin, a soluble fiber. Importantly, apple extract seems to have the ability to boost beneficial microbiota in the gastrointestinal tract. This is because apple polyphenols avoid absorption in the small intestine. Then, together with non-digestible polysaccharides they reach the colon, where they can serve as necessary substrates for beneficial bacterial fermentation.

You Won't Believe The Science Behind Apple Pectin Powder!

Below are great links to the apple pectin studies and miscellaneous information you’ll want to check out:

Note: while these studies are fascinating, they do not... in and of themselves... guarantee that apple pectin powder (premium version or otherwise) will provide treatment for or will cure any disease or illness.

Always see a competent healthcare provider if you are sick.

High-Potency “Super Pectin” Formula Produces An Extremely Effective

Particle Shield! 

Which is why those concerned about the combined effects of radiation and heavy metals should read about one remarkable solution.

Here is why this makes so much sense...

There is now an all-natural (and somewhat-fast acting) apple pectin powder... which according to research could potentially block heavy metal absorption in the human gastrointestinal tract but also keep the metal toxins from being absorbed into the bloodstream that then deposit the metal particles into the kidneys, liver, brain spleen and brain.

This could be even more relevant if the particles are “hot” by virtue of being radiated through ionizing or non-ionizing.

News of the long forgotten shield (it comes from apples) is spreading like wild-fire from one alternative doctor to another… all over the world!

 Why? The answer is easy if one simply looks at the research which has largely been forgotten or ignored: You see, even though this product is extremely bio-active, it contains no drugs whatsoever… and… according to very impressive scientific research as well as powerful anecdotal evidence…

An apple a day' may have been some of the best advice ever given."

It Not Only Detoxifies Metals But Also Creates A Bio-Chemical Pathway Effectively Shielding Against Radiation!

Apple Pectin Powder contains several highly-unusual polysaccharides from apple peels which are naturally combined together… in such a way… that scientists call it “synergistic.” This means… all of the biochemical molecules… are… much more effective at producing an effective detox and shield.

This is because of the way each polysaccharide interacts with each of the other polysaccharides in the formula.

Thus, this unique and very condensed formula produces a safe heavy metal detox and simultaneous shielding effect (from radiation) which is… so effective…

Some Researchers Now Consider Apple Pectin Powder To Be One Of The Most Effective Detox And Radiation Shields In The World!

Why is it so effective?

First, apple pectin is a unique polysaccharide (complex carbohydrate) that provides structure for the cell walls found in apples. Its composed of many individual monosaccharides (simple sugars).

As a soluble fiber, it forms a gel when water is present. It should be noted that soluble fibers with gel-like consistencies carry the potential for many human health benefits.

One of the secrets is the fact that premium apple pectin contains a high percentage of D-galacturonic acid. D-galacturonic acid is a crystalline aldehyde that is negatively charged and therefore has a remarkable capacity to bind with heavy metals which are positively charged. Once bound by D-galacturonic acid, heavy metals become difficult to be absorbed into the bloodstream and are eliminated through feces.

D-galacturonic acid is a crystalline aldehyde which is negatively charged. This gives it the capability to bind with heavy metals that are positively charged.

Many believe the “protective” benefits come from the unique way galactose and the other sugars are combined together. Some of the other monosaccharides are arabinose, apiose, rhamnose and xylose. All of these when found together (in apple pectin) seem to maximize and optimize the gut biomes’ natural metabolic and protective processes. Therefore it promotes a natural toxin removal process.

One of the monosaccharides listed above is rhamnose. (Note: this could be one of the additional “secrets to apple pectin powder because of its anti-aging potential shown here)

Together, all of the individual monosaccharides assists in helping to bind toxins and work together to provide “insurance” that your gut metabolism remains at a protective continuous level.


Obviously, Premium Apple Pectin Powder is an overlooked but extremely potent substance. So potent at binding in fact, that you should not take it at the same time you take drugs like statins like lovastatin or the heart medication digoxin.

You must separate the consumption of these drugs and Apple Pectin Powder by at least two hours.  The same is apparently true of beta-carotene. Apple pectin powder will decrease its efficacy by at least 50%. From this, it should be obvious that apple pectin powder (the premium version especially) is not an ordinary supplement because of its powerful binding ability.

Now the truth is... you could just eat organic or “no spray” apples. To get the necessary amount for detox and radioprotective efficacy you should eat an awful lot of apples each day. Further, if you go this route, you should always eat the skins, as they yield not only isolated apple pectin, but many phyto-nutrients and antioxidants as well.

By the way…

It Takes 250 Pounds Of Apples To Get Roughly  1 Pound Of Premium Apple Pectin Powder!

So for detox reasons, its probably better to supplement… especially if you are exposed to radiation in any form (ionizing or non-ionizing) or are exposed to heavy metal or nanoparticles.

As stated, this is not an ordinary supplement. I believe it is truly extraordinary. If you follow the simple instructions and use the product with water as directed. It may be possible to reverse the effects of both radiation and heavy metal toxicity.

Please note: I say “may” because it would be impossible to discern an individual’s exposure to the toxins. For best results, you should consider a test for toxins before and then after a month or two of using this product, test again.  Bringing in your health care provider and sharing this information is also advised. That way, you and your health care provider together… could determine your personal detoxification goals.

Guaranteed  Detox!

Because I believe this product has so much potential for protection and detoxification… and because it is natural (from organic apples) and safe… it is being sold with the most amazing guarantee in the world. Check this out: Test for metals and other toxins. Then, take the premium apple pectin powder as directed and follow the simple instructions that come with the package.

After a month, test again. You must be totally thrilled with your save and dramatic detoxification. If you and your health care professional do not see safe, perhaps even rapid detoxification and some other nice health benefits… I’m happy to return your money. I mean that!

If you are unsatisfied in any way… simply return the empty packaging and write us a short note about how you took the product with water each day, following the simple instructions… and then… Powerful Living LLC.  Will send you a complete refund. (less shipping and handling, of course)

And, guess what? This is not a 10-day guarantee. This is not a 30-day guarantee. This is not a 90-day guarantee. No. This is a Lifetime guarantee!

How can Powerful Living make such a guarantee? How can we offer a Lifetimemoney-back… guarantee?

Well, you can only make this type of guarantee… if… you are 100% certain… product… is going to… really help folks reach their detox goals.

It’s just that simple.

The name of the product is Premium Apple Pectin Powder and, it is easy to order by simply clicking on the order button below.

A Guaranteed Offer

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Special Notice: Because Apple Pectin Powder is a powerful neutraceutical, it's always important to consult your health care professional to get advice when using any substance that "binds" heavy metals.  Lastly, you and your trusted health care professional... together... should determine your personal detoxification goals.